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Finely chopped leaves are also incorporated into a Maellum,.e., a mildly cooked salad, with other leaves like Mukunuvaenna, Gotukola etc. We hqave given the Sinhala name recorded. Introduced palt, rarely, up-country. Images and write. MacCarthy has a road in Colombo named after him.) See Christie Alwis: "beautiful Orchids Dendrophthoe falcata Ehatu Mal- - pulluruvi - Derris indica, Millettia pinnata, Pongamia pinnata (Indian Beech Tree) Mal karanda? Its aroma calms emotions, restores confidence and may serve as an aphrodisiac. Eryngium foetidum (Long coriander, Culantro, cilantro-cimarron, saw-tooth coriander, African coriander) Andu-kola Andu Kola Piranga - Images and write up This bi-annual herb is a culinary herb, being a constituent of Mexican Salsa dip for Tortillas, and as a substitute for coriander leaves.

A sub-erect shrub with pubescent young branches; leaves simple, opposite, membranous. The dried product (roots) is mostly imported from India, but may be grown in the rocky, cooler high-elevation parts of Sri lanka. It has been claimed that Stephania tetranda should be used in herbal preparations instead of Aristolchia fanghi. Ironwood, Messua nagassarium, is associated with many shrines to God Natha found in Sri lanka; examples being the 5th century Damingamuwa Natha devala (kalutara district, 5th century the Dodanwala devala (Kandy, Yatinuwara Maedapalaatha more recent: Dambuluwana Sri Nagapushparamaya, Ratnapura (on the bank of the River. For a short account of paddy cultivation, see: Paddy Cultivation in Sri Lanka.

Evaluation of Antifungal and Antibacterial Activities of the Plan.,   m/article/viewFile/4844/2434 Cochlospermum Gossipyum, Cochlospermum religiosum (Buttercup tree, golden silk cotton tree) Kinihiriya, Ela-imbul - Kattupparutti, Tanaku konga The flowers are used in temple offerings.- Images and write up Cocos nucifera, coconut Coconut water and its. Various parts of Sesbania grandiflora have been used in the Indian system of medicine, in particular, the leaves. Believed to reduce uric acid levels in the blood, reducing gout symptoms. Known as tendu patta in India, this is taxed by Maoist insugents in India to raise revenue. Low grown teas are less falvourful but richer in body (mostly due to tanins). Erythritol, xylitol, and other sugar alcohols are commonly used to sweeten chewing gum, candy, fruit spreads, toothpaste, medical preparations etc. Kananm (Kaanam Kollu-parappu Small scale cultivation in Uva province and in the Vanni. Add the remaining spices, green chillies and curry leaves, and sauté for a few minutes. Hawaiian Black from Australia, was released by the Dept. Aristolochia bracteata, sapunda species?

A commercial outlet and images Niyanda, also Maruva - murvam This (or. Images Dalbergia lanceolaria (Linn),Dalbergia assamica Benth Amerimnon lanceolarium, Dalbergia paniculata Roxb., Dalbergia szemaoensis Prain Bol Maara, Bol mara Goraksa erigai, kalvellangu see also rosewood Erect tree, reaching 20-27 m in height. Mochai (Tamil Amarapayar (Malayalam nutritional data Phlomis Ceylanica kuramba? Hathavariya is also used for joint pains due to arthritis. Image and write up Pterospermum canescens Velang, Welan - - - Punica granatum. The small near-spherical radish with a white-inside red-skin variety is the most well known.

However, causality is rarely addressed in available reports. Proceedings of the Annual Sessions of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science 1973; 1:.). 2008 slaas sessions had a discussion on Katupila: 646/E2 Characterization of Biological Activity of Flueggea leucopyrus Willd. Shold not be used if using statins etc., to lower cholesterol, or if anti-pyschotics are being used. The name "Habarala" is loosely used in Sinhala for Taro-like plant varieties of Alocasia, Colacasia and Xanthosoma. The name "Krumisatru used by sinhalese vedamahaththayas native doctors is from Malayalam. Surattense Solemostemon rohindifolius Innala - - - Sonneratia caseolaris, Sonaratia caseolaris (mangrove apple) Kirala - ucittakarai Irlaikkulam, KuriKadduvan, Kilali Moodu Murunga - - Spilanthes acmella, Acmella oleracea (Tootache plant) Akmella Pipulka- Akki-rakaram Spinifex squarrosus Maha Raavana Raevula - - - Spondias magnifera Sarana. Bark extract used in diarrhoea and dysentery. Zeylanicus, native to Sri lanka, and the Andamans. The bark is reduced to ashes, which contain a quantity of alkaline matter.

It is administered in the form of powder, infusion or decoction as syrup. Datura species contain atropine and related alkaloids. Its leaves and all parts of the plant have been used as suicidal poisons (and for female infanticide in Tamil Nadu in) India and in the Mediterranean countries. Ocimum Polystachyon Karal-Thalaa - - - Ocimum sanctum, Hortonia floribunda (Sacred Basil, Holy Basil Maduruthala surasa- karuntulaci, tulaci, Alungai, Kullai The name "Maduruthala" refers to mosquitoes - it is used as an astringent against mosquitoes, either by directly using crushed plants, or using extracts,. Gerardia delphinifolia Renu- Haedilla, (P 766 of Pridham) - - See Charles Pridham, An historical political and statistical account of Ceylan and its dependencies.- Girardinia zeylanica Gas Kahambiliya - - - Gisekia pharnacioides Atthiripala, Aeth-iri-palaa - - - Glenica unijuga Kuma - - - Gliricidia. It is a very small perennial plant. Toponyms Polgahawela, Polgasowita, polgaha-anga, Polgolla, Polmalagama, Polpitiya, Polwatta, Polwatte-kanda, Polwatte-gedera, Polkandi (Polkanda polgaha-agara, polgahakotuwa, Polgangoda, Polgahawewa, polgahawila, Polgahayaya, Polgammana, Polkada, Polkatuwa, Polkumbura, Polpattala, Polpitihigama, Cochlosermum gossypium, cochospermum gossypium.


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(Saffron) (Iridaceae) The Wikipedia article gives a good historical account. Modesta Hopea ponga Mendora, Uva-mendora Peely-Dun, Rata Dun Rat beraliya Pini-Beraliya Dun - ilapongu, or kambakam is Hopea ponga Dennst.) Trees up to 18 m tall. Para(?) Chandrasoma (Psychiatry. Its seeds, roots etc., used in Ayurveda, as a vermicde, in pregnancy, improvement of memory and stress relief (see Vishnukranthi as well) etc. Picture and write up Drosera indica (sundew) Kandulessa, kandulaessa - kocu vetti ; Easily distinguished from the other species by its linear leaves. Botanical Names, (English) Sinhala Sanskrit (Pali) Tamil Toponyms, Notes Zanonia indica Val Rasakinda - - - Zapania nodiflora (Carpetweed, Common fogfruit, Common lippia) Hiramana daetta - - Zeuxine regia Iruraja - - - Zeuxine regia Iruraja - - - ingiber officinale (Ginger) Inguru ardraka. Ficus religiosa Bo, Bodhi Bodhi vruksha, asvattha, ashvatta, Bodhirukka (pali) asvattam, arasu The Buddha is said to have meditated under a Bodhi tree when he attained a clear vision (i.e., Bodhi' or wisdom) regarding his teaching. See the write up in a publication by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore: Madhuca species, images and discussion madhuka dating site massage kumla iluppai, iluppai ennai The name Madhupa-theetha is mentioned in the Mahavamsa as the harbour of entry of the Magha invaders. Atu kos,.e., jack dried on the hearth Atuva is smoked, shredded jack fruit which may be used in curry, or make into deserts with sugar syrup. It is often cultivated in the low-country.

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Dating site massage kumla New massage värnamo spa och massage Variety The endemic species of Binara is only found in Horton Plains and the Hakgala St Exallage auricularia Gata Kola, Gaeta Kola - - - Exacum trinervium Binara - - - Exacum walkeri Susu Binara - - - Excoecaria agallocha (Blinding Tree) Thela. It is also used in preparations and sprays for riot control. Today the temperance movement is weak, and locals do the tapping, as well as the distillation of arrack from Toddy.
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Adoos sex orchide thaimassage Macrocarpon (Brinjals, Egg Plant, aubergine) They come in various colours, and sizes. In the drier areas the yellow variety may be grown with supplementary irrigation.
Escort tjejer adoos vieng thai malmö Images and write up Atulam, tilakam, Mayurukha mayilatinocci, mayilainochi, Maila, Mayilaadi timber is valued and used in construction and carpentry. Photos Calotropis procera Vaeli Wara? India for a related tree) toponyms Horagolla (Norochcholai, Nuraicholai (south) Horagala, Horagampita, Horagampitiya, Horagoda, Horangalla, Horangolla, Horapawita, Horawala, Horawinna, Horanduwa, etc. Costus speciosus (crep Ginger) Thebu, Thembhu Kushta, kemuka- canda kostam, kottam, Kudavam The tree can grow ten feet tall.
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Carpinifolia (Tupkaria) is applied with sparrow's dung to burst boils. Scientific confirmation of its efficacy requires more detailed double-blind tests which have not been carried out. The medicine is claimed to have anti - inflammatory properties, and to be a calming agent. It is also used both as a lactogogue and an emmenagogue. This can be simply achieved by adding dolomite or limestone to the soil. With acknowledgment to "beautiful Orchids Dendrobium maccarthiae Vesak mal - - One of the most colorful of the seven Dendrobiums native. They tend to close during the daytime and open wide at night. Its leaf and milky latex contains Papain, an enzyme which breaks down meat. Officinalis (Mangrove) Manda - Kanna - Kohomba It is medicinally and ritualistically important in Sri Lankan culture.

Use as a health food Sunflower and other flowers in the Asteraceae family are highly modified, very reduced, and grouped into head inflorescences. It is an oil is prepared with the base of sesame oil, bees wax, waelmadata (Rubia cordifolia) etc. However, the WHO-study (Mendis et al, 2013) did not find excess amounts of As, Cd, etc. Such names have existed along side the Sinhalese names. D Thesis by Nileena,. Kollu paruppu, Kulad An annual hairy herb with nearly erect stems and climbing branches; leaves compound.

Different parts of Barleria Cristata have been used traditionally for the treatment of variety of diseases including anaemia, toothache, cough and as a hypoglycemic agent. It is used in sinhlala orthopedic medicine. Medicinal (purge) appications in traditional treatments. Mimusops elengi Moonamal Vakula, bakula, kesara magizha, magilam Mahiyapitiya (Mahiappitti) Vakulavaedda(Mahilaettuvaan) Mimusops indica Palu - Paalai Paludohona (Palayadithona) Paluraajaweva (Palaiyatisirukkulam) Palugama (Palukamam) Sirirpalugama (Thirupalugamam) Mirabilis jalapa Hendirikka - - pattiratci - Mischodon zeylanicus Thwaites Damana, Thammanna, Thammenna- - Thampanai Tree found in Sri Lanka and. Chambangi Extremely frgrant vine, natibve to China, Thailand etc. It is used for variety of medicinal purposes viz. It may be an ingredient of Ayurvedic preparations like Haritaki, Vibhitaki, amalaki. The name "Vattaka Piritha" (Buddhist canon, vattaka ) refers to the bird "vatuva a type of quail, and not to a pumpkin. Its roots, etc., when chewed produces a slight intoxication somewhat as in very mild cannabis preparations.

Exacum trinervium -Exacum macranthum, Exacum walkeri, and Exacum trinervium pallidum. Good alternative to parippu'. This is common sub-canopy ground under cover in the Sinharaja and other rapidly dwindling forests of Sri lanka. Canarium zeylanicum, Aleurites triloba (candle nut tree) The nuts of this tree have been used by ancient indegenous people who inhabited Sri Lanka. The sweeter Stenocereus thurberi is known as "pitaya dulce".

Two Cannabis plants (resembling "daas mal gas Indian Marigold, Calendula arvensis ) were provided by the police (with the help. Images - puchedi, arippu, Unnichedi - Lantanas have aromatic flower clusters (called umbels) containing a mix of red, orange, yellow, or blue and white florets. Cinnamomum litseafolium Kuda Kurundu - - - Cinnamomum zeylanicum Kurundu, Val Kurundu Twale, Tvak Karuva, ilavankappattai Kurundugolla (Karuvaachchoalai) Kurundukaenna (Karuvaakkeani) Kurundu watta (Karuvakaadu) Kurundanvaeva (Kurundankulama) Cipadessa baccifera Halbembiya - - savattuchedi - Cissampelos pareira (Midwives' herb) Diyamiththa - patha, Ambasthaki appatta, ponmucuttai A small woody. See, Vietnamese study: Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity - The essential oil obtained from the branches and leaves of Clausena indica (Dalz) Oliv. If you have an image, please e-mail. Otis B Barret describes it as "combined cheese, decayed onion and turpentine, or garlic, Limburger cheese and some spicy sort of resin".

Wattakkaa, Wattakka, Wattaka, Vattakka gudayogaphala- dangari carkkaraipparanki, paranki, parangkikkaay There are many varities of this popular squash. Sesamin and sesamolin, two unique phytoconstituents isolated from seeds, possess excellent cholesterol-lowering effect in humans and prevents high blood pressure. Rajika Finger Millet or Ragi originated in East Africa, and came to India around 2000 BCE; it has been found in an Indian archaeological site dated to 1800 BCE. However, in contemporary usage pilli, or plli is mostly used for the Misawak tree. Many claims have been made, but efficacy against diabetes, cancer, reduction of cholesterol etc., has not been established by suitable double-blind experiments. 2010., who has also added the following comment: Leaves seasonally fall and new red colour tender leaves come. Here the same drug and a mock-up (fake) which looks/tastes/smells like the drug are given to two similar control groups of patients, without anyone knowing who is getting what. The fruit is eaten raw, consumed as juice or jelly etc. Three types of Karawila are popular in the markets of Sri Lanka (i) Kalu-Karawila is darker green, medium in size (14-19 cm).

Palleescens Shorea stipularis Hulan Idda Yakahulu Dun Malmora Dummala Rathu Dun Nawada, Navada, Hulan Idda - - Threatened, iucn red listed. Rathnamalala study is the first to identify the agarwood resin formation and the quality.walla which can be used as a substitute for that of Aquilaria other species of Gyrinops. Karum-cheerakam, karunjilakara This is a spice known from antiquity, identified in tombs of ancient Pyramids. Tirayaanti Hirikaenna (Thiraykkeani) Momordica charantia (bitter gourd, Karela) images and write up The gourd is eaten green, cooked in curry, or thinly sliced in a salad, or thinly sliced and slightly fried in oil with onions etc. This name was given to us by an Ayurveda practitioner. Mugonia mystax Bu - Gemiya, BooGaemiya - - - Mundulea sericea Kang-baendi gas, Kang-Bendi-Gas, Kan bandi gas - venpuracamaram, vellai - Muehlenbergia viridissima Garudaraja - - - Munronia pinnata, Ophelia Chirata (Bitters Bin Kohomba, Bim Kohomba - - -"Bim kohomba" means 'Kohomba which grows. It is a major constituent of other Ayurvedic Tonics, sinhala Kashaayas. Rata Asamodagam (?) Not native to Sri lanka; plant originated in the medeterrranean, and it is now widely cultivated as a valuable herb. The western form "Betel" may have arisen from the Malayalam "Verilla where the sound "v" transforms to "b" and "r" to "t "betila" and "betel" via Portuguese, circa 16th century.

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